“Death is just a doorway to a greater experience of life.”


Although I was born a medium, I spent a good part of my life not knowing what the greatest God-given gift I had was. For the past 14 years I have been privileged to present to the public my gift of mediumship. Like many of the great seers, mystics and mediums of the past I treasure my gift. It is an honor to connect you to the higher side of life. With all of my heart I know we go on from here, that life is continuous. Those on the other side are just waiting for me to paint them back to life. May you find comfort here. May you feel safe to explore what for you may be your first encounter with a medium.

When I first began my work, mediumship held a great stigma of fear, fear of the unknown. I myself, having been a former Roman Catholic nun, questioned what was brought full circle to me. God gave me a rare gift to use. To be used with integrity and courage. To dispel the darkness only one evidential medium need show the way. May you also feel confident and fearless enough to search for the truth within your own heart.

My hope is that you will find my website informative. We have listed resources for the bereaved. If your heart is grieving the loss of a loved one may we provide hope and validation that love goes on.

We have also provided class information. My method of teaching is clear-cut. I train those I teach to be extremely evidential mediums, a process which takes time and dedication. We have also provided links to The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, a church I started from a small dream in 1996.

Live your life to the fullest. It is a wonderful journey. In the school of life may you look its challenges squarely in the face. God is never far away. You also have a host of helpers, angels, guides and your departed loved ones who walk with you every day. Do not miss out on their help and guidance.

James Dillet Freeman, poet laureate, said: “I look at the clouds and see angels, some say silly old man who sees angels in clouds, I say how sad for those who see clouds and not angels”

Fellow traveler, may peace be with you.

~ from Janet


Rev. Janet Nohavec was internationally known for her evidential mediumship. She was an approved  overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. A former Roman Catholic nun, she has been featured extensively on television, radio and printed press. Her client base extends to over 20 countries and her private reading waitlist ran over a year. Her evidential form of mediumship has been researched by several university groups. Her private practice and church were based in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Janet passed to Spirit July 27, 2022.

She lives on in Spirit and in the hearts and minds of all she touched, both personally and through her mediumship.


Spiritualists’ National Union Church

Founder – The Reverend Janet Nohavec

25 Carr Street, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Tel: +1 973-616-9685

The Journey Within Website


New Mediumship Card Set

Aspects of Mediumship Series Now Available

Historic Schoolhouse Restoration Project

Rev. Janet is pleased to announce a project that is “near and dear” to her heart.  Her church, The Journey Within has purchased the historic Schoolhouse across from the Fox Sisters’ Cottage in Hydesville, NY. “We’ve been guided back to the historical beginnings of Spiritualism with the availability of this historic building in proximity to the […]

Recordings of Past Online Lectures

To purchase a link to a recording of a past online lecture for $20, please email us the lecture you would like at janet@janetnohavec.com. We will then send you an invoice via Paypal. Available Recordings: Mechanics of Mediumship The Mind & Mediumship Beginners Mediumship Aspects of Psychic Development Spirit Guides Seership & Prophecy The Soul […]

Mavis Pittilla & Janet Nohavec

Mavis Pittilla & Rev Janet Nohavec at Journey Within NJ USA.

A conversation between two wonderful Spiritual Ambassadors sharing their experiences and understanding of Spirit and Spiritual matters.

A Believer

I have visited Janet Nohavec for a personal reading 4-5 times over the past 15 years. She is truly amazing and her “gift” is real. Events she foretold proved true and circumstances she described were precise and accurate. This book describes how one can tap into his/her own ability to reconnect with those who have passed over to the other side. There are exercises to practice and theory to utilize. Personally, I am going to try to hone my ability to reconnect with my loved ones. This book reaffirmed my belief that we do not die, we merely move to another vibrational level.


I loved this book. Rev Nohavec explains in easy terms just what mediumship is and how to bring out the best in your abilities. It rings very true to mine. I was very happy to have been able to read this and will certainly pass this book on. I will be reading her other book soon. If you have any abilities or want to learn about mediumship, true evidential mediumship, read this book.

Book of Condolence for Rev. Janet Nohavec

Janet passed to spirit on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

Service to be held in person at the COSMOPOLITAN, Route 23, Wayne, NJ on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 5pm. You may also join the LIVE STREAM HERE. The recording of the Service will also be available for viewing the following day and afterwards.