Connect to Spirit & the Divine


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Connect to Spirit & the Divine is a set of two online downloadable audio files.  Downloadable links are valid for six months so please be sure to download all files within this period and keep them somewhere safe for future.


Your connections to the divine, spirits, angels and departed loved ones are your birthright and can help guide you in your daily life. Learn how to tap into these voices that are always whispering to you and get the guidance you have been looking for. In a safe and encouraging environment, renowned medium Janet Nohavec helps you reenergize your soul and ignite your connection with spirits through new tools for self-actualization. Using guided meditation, exercises and lectures, you will learn to blend with the power of spirit, reconnect with loved ones who have passed, and connect with the spirit guardians who assist you. With practice, you can reawaken your life dreams and know how to access the continued support to make them come true.

2 hours $40