Mediumship Card Set:

These cards are meant to expand the medium’s reference point for some of the pieces of evidence that may come from a Spirit communicator.  They are not meant to be used in an analytical way as in asking for the answer to one of the suggestions.  I suggest you read these cards over and over and use them in development circles. Choose one card and use that as part of the stream of what may come through from Spirit. For a month possibly focus on one, such as ‘Things left behind by the Spirit Communicator’, and then let it go. Please, please let your natural mediumship always rise. I also believe that the intelligence of the Spirit world always trumps my best plan. I hope you find in awe of communication between two worlds and hold mediumship as the sacred healing communication that it is. Evidential mediumship includes the essence of the communicator, bringing evidence, love and forgiveness between two worlds. It is a soul disincarnate talking to soul incarnate, a phone call from Heaven/Summerland. I have created a new word, ‘Clairheartsence’, to feel with the heart specifically; it never fails me.

Blessings on your Journey ~ Rev. Janet Nohavec

108 card deck

Card size – 2.25″ x 3.50″

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